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Cobalt is pleased to announce the acquisition of Thumbnail Press, independent publisher ofThumbnail Magazine, currently based in Tucson, Arizona. Founded in Austin, TX, by Michael Dean Anthony, Thumbnail Magazine has been operating since 2009 and has published five annual issues of flash fiction. Beginning withThumbnail 4 (2013), issues featured new work selected by a guest editor. Ben Tanzer, author of Lost in Space and co-author of new Cobalt Press title Four Fathers, was the most recent guest editor, bringing all the power of his This Zine Will Change Your Life empire to the issue. Issue 6, which is scheduled for January 2015, will be edited by Aubrey Hirsch, author of Why We Never Talk About Sugar. Submissions are open now.

There are many connections between Cobalt and Thumbnail, but the most notable is Andrew Keating, whose first collection of short fiction was published by Thumbnail in 2012. Starting with Thumbnail 4, Keating also served as editorial director for the press.

Cobalt will continue to publish Thumbnail Magazine for the foreseeable future and has already selected guest editors for the next two years.

“Andrew Keating has been a great asset to Thumbnail Press since we published Participants,” says Thumbnail founder Michael Dean Anthony. “His work with Cobalt has been second to none, and I know that Thumbnail will be in very good hands moving forward.”

Anthony will step down as publisher of Thumbnail, but will remain a consultant to Cobalt following the acquisition. He will be listed on the Thumbnail Magazinemasthead as “Founder” for the duration of its publication.

“Thumbnail has a dedicated readership and a solid history of publishing high-quality flash fiction,” says Keating, Cobalt’s publisher. “We’re all very excited to bring on such an exciting, specialized publication. Alongside our expansion into full-length book publishing, Thumbnail Magazine will help us to provide a growing variety of great new literature to our readers.”

The acquisition has already been negotiated, and all projects will be transferred to the Cobalt staff during the summer of this year.