If your tattoo leapt off your
shoulder and into my arms
you probably wouldn’t notice.

I would be kind.

I would bring it on a walk around the neighborhood,
laughing at all of its stories of
observing you be human
but pretend not.

Later we would go to my house.
I would make your tattoo a
grilled cheese sandwich, then offer my
blue blanket and softest pillow.

After we read our favorite books aloud,
we’ll look at each other and reminisce
about the day you stop being a vegetarian.

Your tattoo would look at me
and place its hoof on my hand,
let me lean against its picnic shoulder with
all the weight a sympathetic pig can bare.

He will not turn away when told
the worst of it—

About Caroline: Caroline Shepard is a poet and high school teacher in New York City. Her work has appeared in Construction Magazine and Freerange Nonfiction’s “Freshly Hatched” series.