Arriving in my door with crashing cymbals
and night at your back like hooting bassoons,
the moon got drunk with our names,
threw a party in our living room, forcing us
to dance with its three favorite stars, and one
black, one-eyed cat in an ocean of chocolate night.
I leave you with pink guardians this morning,
and the moon bobs near the sun, waving goodbye.

About Gregg: Gregg Mosson is the author of two books of poetry, Season of Flowers and Dust (GooseRiver, 2007) and Questions of Fire (Plain View, 2009). His poetry and literary commentary have appeared in The Cincinnati Review, Smartish Pace, The Potomac Review, The Baltimore Review, JMWW, Boxcar Poetry Review, and The Futurist. Mosson currently is a contributing poetry editor at The Baltimore Review. For more information, seek