Let me surpass fear
of emotion, let me mesh through human contact; let me flow
through the blast

of the moment, toward
a doomed, reblooming blue morning—
supernova of love.

Let my life open like a cloud unravels:
transfused with light,
transfigured by wind;

let me undrape across the sky,
softening the sunrise
into something we can look at.

Not one among us
can foresee the births
from a sunburst of the heart.

There are certainly planets
we haven’t discovered, despite humanity’s
taste for maps.


About Gregg: Gregg Mosson is the author of two books of poetry, Season of Flowers and Dust (GooseRiver, 2007) and Questions of Fire (Plain View, 2009). His poetry and literary commentary have appeared in The Cincinnati Review, Smartish Pace, The Potomac Review, The Baltimore Review, JMWW, Boxcar Poetry Review, and The Futurist. Mosson currently is a contributing poetry editor at The Baltimore Review. For more information, seek www.greggmosson.com.