I have been waiting for you to break me
open, a blossom unbound from tight bud.
I have been waiting, not placidly, not
lazily; I have watered and tilled in your absence.
I have braved more brands of noxious
fertilizer than one thought imaginable. I have
waited for you to pull me up and out of the pressured
vortex of myself, hopeful,
faithful, doubting you would come, winding,
unwinding my prayer flags for the eastern wind.

About Maura:  Maura Alia Badji’s poetry and prose have appeared in Barely South Review, The Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Eat.Drink.Memory, Switched-on-Gutenberg, synapse, Exhibition, ArtVoice, and The Buffalo News.   A New York native, she lives in Howard County, MD with her son, daughter, and fiancé, where she blogs at The Moxie Bee.