woman who speaks rolling-thunder,
gentle as sparrow,
where she walked made moccasins of lakes,
her laughter made the mountains so many colors

somehow we no longer mention you by name

you descended from a spider thread,
hairs of diamondback snakes,
blowing into us the fire of knowledge

we have forgotten your name

you planted your feet as the tree of life,
you brought waters, blue as grapes,
and in the afterbirth there was blood
becoming the moon
to remind us
why all women are the makers of things

men took away your name

they tamed your name out of wild appaloosas,
they hunted you down into ravines,
they spoke ill of you with words of thorn bushes,
they cut back your hair as if it was kudzu

your name was grounded-up,
parceled into surveyed acres,
and all that remains of you
is an empty cliff-dwelling pot,
the air folding into itself,
into surrender

we cannot lift up what is held down

About Martin:  Martin Willitts Jr was recently nominated for two Best of The Net awards and his 5th Pushcart award. He has had eight poetry chapbooks accepted this year including “True Simplicity” (Poets Wear Prada Press, 2011), “My Heart Is Seven Wild Swans Lifting” (Slow Trains, 2011), “Why Women Are A Ribbon Around A Bomb” (Last Automat, 2011), “Art Is Always an Impression of What an Artist Sees” (Muse Café, 2011), “Protest, Petition, Write, Speak: Matilda Joslyn Gage Poems” (Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, 2011), How To Find Peace” (Kattywumpus Press, 2011), “Swimming In The Ladle Of Stars” (Pudding House, 2011) and “Secrets No One Wants To Talk About” (Dos Madres Press, 2011).