CoverAre you longing for a baseball fix now that the All Star Game is over and the season doesn’t resume for two more days? If you’re like me (meaning you have six or more baseball-related apps on your smartphone), this is the most difficult time of the year (only because we can distract ourselves with less interesting sports like basketball, football and hockey during the offseason).

But don’t fret. When you get home from work today, bust out a cold one, kick back and read Cobalt’s second-annual baseball issue.

Click the image on the left to download the PDF.

So who’s your favorite player in this year’s all-star issue? Hit the comments below.



“Galileo in the Uecker Seats” by Garret J. Brown was previously published in Black Warrior Review.

“The Lesser Coverts of Game Birds” by Jennifer A. Howard was previously published in Booth.

“Opening Day” by David Salner was previously published in Poet Lore.

“Holy Ghost” by Patricia Canright Smith was previously published in Stymie: A Journal of Sport and Literature.

Works in this issue were selected from submissions for the 2014 Earl Weaver Baseball Writing Prize. The contest winner will be announced with the September online issue.
“Galileo in the Uecker Seats” and “The Lesser Coverts of Game Birds” were solicited by the editor.


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