Dear friends,

This is weird, new, exhilarating. Every couple of months, we scramble to put together the sexiest quarterly issue we can, typically fighting against a WordPress platform set on destroying our happiness. As David Kirby mentions in his guest interview with Alexandra Reisner, “there is a graphic quality to the poem.” WordPress, particularly with websites that deviate from its standard themes, does not play well with poetry that utilizes visuals (indentation, odd line breaks, etc.), and this has caused many problems with our editorial process. In some cases, we’ve had to sacrifice one thing or another to accommodate the conflicting needs of the poem and our web capabilities.

This time, however, I think we’ve won.

Maybe it’s been a long time coming, and maybe we’ve just been so focused on our day jobs that this has never dawned on us before, and maybe it’s just that developing a new format will introduce new problems of its own.

But here we are at a new launching point for Cobalt Review (we’ve been having a lot of these lately…and all for the better): we are moving to PDFs. Rather than having you click through our quarterly issue on the website, you can now read the entire issue by opening a single file. Plus, you can download it and send it to your friends and family, rather than hoping they click that desperate link you keep posting on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Okay, so here we go. Click the image below to download ISSUE TEN.

(the poetry issue)


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