Photo by Avelino Maestas.

Photo by Avelino Maestas.

Note from the editor:

As you may notice, a lot of things have changed over the past couple months. First off, we have a new look (sort of) to the issue layouts thanks to the fine hand-letterings of Christopher Newgent, each issue now has sub-headers for Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry. Additionally, we were successful in raising 27% beyond our initial Kickstarter goal, so we are knee-deep in editing and designing Four Fathers, the first of many Cobalt Press books. A few months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of publishing the first annual all-baseball issue, the bulk of which came from submissions to the Jim Palmer Baseball Writing Prize (our first winner being Courtney Preiss!). And, lastly, we wrapped our entry period for the standard 2013 Cobalt Writing Prizes (you can see our “shortlist” for the fiction and nonfiction contests below, and a separate poetry shortlist will be released soon).

So… mega thanks to all who have helped us with this chaotic period. We’re two full years in and it’s crazy to think how much we have accomplished. It has been, and will continue to be, one hell of a ride.


Andrew Keating


Shauna Gilligan | Lines of Perfection

Deborah Brasket | Thirteen Ways of Looking at Dying, Just Before, and the Moment After

B. Rose Huber | Chambersburg

Rob Schultz | G.

Olvard Liche Smith | Grand Gesture

Kane Klemic | Displacement


Brenda Rankin | Live! Dancing! Girls!

Kristina Moriconi | Reverence

Sarah Earle | Free Body Culture

Excerpts & Interviews:

Publisher Series, Vol. 7: Bronwen Hruska of SOHO Press.

James Claffey, who was published in Issues #1 and #5, has a new collection – Blood a Cold Blue – coming out from Press 53. Click below for two stories from that collection.


Hurried Departure

Local Maryland author Michael Landweber’s new book, We, is out now from Coffeetown Press. Click below for an excerpt from the book, and a brief interview with the author.

Excerpt | Interview

2013 Cobalt Fiction Prize “Shortlist”

  • Ellen Wade Beals
  • Leslie Doyle
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Alan Sincic
  • Mark Wagstaff
  • Chavisa Woods

2013 Cobalt Nonfiction Prize “Shortlist”

  • Eric Hagen
  • Lauren Halloran
  • Michael Palmer

About the photographer: 

Avelino Maestas is managing editor for Wildlife Promise, the National Wildlife Federation’s blog. A former journalist and open-government advocate, he is also an amateur photographer who cherishes the desert Southwest, Atlantic seashores, and the forests of New England. You can find out more about Avelino by visiting


Photo by Avelino Maestas.

Photo by Avelino Maestas.