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Thanks for visiting our 8th issue, the final installment of our second year of quarterly publishing. As many of you know, we have recently launched our first fundraising campaign via Kickstarter. The goal is to raise at least $2,000 in an effort to publish our first book project, Where You Should Be (working title), by Dave Housley, BL Pawelek, Ben Tanzer and Tom Williams. We have done a lot of great work over the past two years, and you are a big part of that. If you can spare a buck, or five, we would be very appreciative. Just click here to help us get Cobalt Press off the ground.

You’ll notice that there are some changes on our website. There are now specific pages for Cobalt Press, purchasing, interviews, and issues. Our “Friends and Partners” list has changed to a list of top and recent content. We will be adding a friends and partners list on a separate page, alongside a list of benefactors, in the next few weeks.

Enjoy Issue #8. The cover art, and all of the headers are compliments of Christopher Newgent. Thanks to him. You’ll also notice that we’ve changed the balance of content for this issue so that poetry gets the focus. Every June issue will feature more poetry than prose. September and March issues will be all-prose, and December will be all-poetry. This might result in longer wait times for notifying our submitters, so we apologize for that. But we promise that this new schedule will give us the chance to not only publish more awesome stuff, but give it the attention it deserves.

Thanks for reading,

Andrew K.
Managing Editor


Angela Cummings | Fly in the Wine

Angela Cummings | Pluto

Heather Bell | These are the Casualties

Heather Bell | If You Ask Me

Heather Bell | A Man Walks Home Followed by a Coyote

Heather Bell | What is Easiest Today

Brendan Walsh | A Road Trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Amy K. Rowland | In the Year of the Fire

Amy K. Rowland | Daniel’s Teeth

Hillary Kobernick | Wild Blueberries

Hillary Kobernick |Distance

John C. Morrison | Cattle

John C. Morrison | Bird Bones

John C. Morrison | What I Think

Erica Bodwell | Michelle Obama Kicks Ass

Rebecca Shepard | Cleave

John Grey | Tree Time

John Grey | Opening the Book of Old Rockaway


Edward Hamlin | Phone Phone Gun
A boy disrupts a plane’s boarding process when he won’t stop counting.

Steven Gowin | Tragedy and Wreck
When cars begin to vanish from a junkyard, their stories ripple through a man’s memory.


Danielle Ariano | (The Truth) About Danielle Ariano
Think you know (The Truth) about Danielle Ariano after reading the essay “(The Truth) About Danielle Ariano”? Think again.


At the end of our second year, we have decided to highlight a pair of writers who were published in our very first issue (Sept. 2011) and have recently won literary prizes. Read our exclusive interviews with Jen Michalski and Brian Russell, as well as excerpts from their award-winning books, below. Also check out our quarterly publisher series interview with Copper Canyon Press.

Jen Michalski, author of The Tide King
Excerpt | Interview

Brian Russell, author of The Year of What Now
Excerpt | Interview

Publisher Series, vol. 6: Copper Canyon Press

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