Painting by Sophie Johnson.

Painting by Sophie Johnson.


Elizabeth Bodi | Family History

Elizabeth Bodi | Tundra

Courtney Hitson | A Sort of Green

Courtney Hitson | In Michigan, My Father

James Cook | from First Requiem of the Ghost Animals

Kevin Heaton | A Peruvian Priest in Kansas

Kevin Heaton | A Penguin’s Lament


Estela González |Ambistoma Mexicanum
A small girl’s salamander is not the only thing burning in their home.

Brad Kelly |Einstein’s Riddle, 20XX
Domesticity is sometimes our largest puzzle.

Samuel Sattin | Hell or Antarctica
A boy’s fate may rest in a space the size of a finger.

Cheryl Diane Kidder | Rope Swing
A mother tries to get past her mourning.


Allison Frase Reavis | How I Taught English in Korea (Without Leaving My Dining Room)
Reavis recounts the ups and downs of teaching English to Korean students living halfway around the world.

Beth Baker | Jaffa
An unexpected romantic tryst in the Holy Lands.

Carl Glickman | Sweating Vietnam
Glickman recounts the strange way in which he avoided the draft.

Emily Mullin | Emergency
A trip to the emergency room leaves Mullin to ponder over other issues in her life.


Amber Sparks – author of May We Shed These Human Bodies

The Publisher Series, Vol. 5: Mud Luscious Press

A series of interviews which focuses on the relationship between authors and publishers, particularly small and independent presses.

Andrew Keating chats with J.A. Tyler of Mud Luscious Press.

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