Gail C. DiMaggio | Depth Perception in Hawks

Caroline Shepard | Pig

Don Thompson | Fire Season

Nikki Thompson | Panic

Nikki Thompson | Getting a Ride

Nikki Thompson | Speech Therapy


Timmy Reed | Moles
When a man goes to the countryside to get away from his problems, he reinvents himself as a new kind of king.

Audrey Chin | The Pearl
A woman’s revenge grows like a precious stone.

Chad Sanderson | Cold River
A man tries to listen to the river’s advice about his elderly grandfather.

Katie Coyle | Girl Eats Boy
A girl decides it’s time to lose her virginity, but instead she gains empathy and a fragment of skin.


Tracy Krulik | You Can Stop the Beat
How chronic illness can affect your life in unexpected ways.

Jessica Dur Taylor | Balloons
A secret admirer on a quest to fulfill teenage love.


Mat Johnson, author of Pym, Incognegro, and other books/graphic novels.

The Publisher Series, Volume Four

A series of interviews which focuses on the relationship between authors and publishers.

Andrew Keating interviews Lisa Marie Basile from Patasola Press.

*Cover photo for Issue 6 was provided by Emily Mullin.



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