Todd Kaneko | It All Began with Strangler Lewis

Todd Kaneko | Killer Kowalski and the Cauliflower Ear

Todd Kaneko | Bronko Nagurski Beat Lou Thesz That Night

Kevin Stoy | Warrior Transition Brief

Kevin Stoy | Happy New Year

Jordan Godfrey | Approval

Jordan Godfrey | Hello, Today

Robert Balun | Scrub Brush Mystic


James Claffey | Johnny Fortycoats
A glimpse of Ireland.

Henry Alley | The Burning House
A woman and her daughter revisit the site of their greatest tragedy.

Emily Glossner Johnson | Friday
Friends, Romans, countrymen… and Winnebagos take center stage at the big weekend event.


LaTanya McQueen | Here if You Love Me
The lasting effects of growing up watching your mother be the “other woman.”

Bonnie Morris | Mojitos with Fidel
Bonnie Morris tells of how she met Fidel Castro… mojito in hand.

Abby Higgs | Fresh and Hot from My Mother’s Oven
How is life like making a pizza? Abby Higgs recounts meeting her biological family.


Michael Kimball, author of Big Ray and Dear Everybody.

The Publisher Series, Volume Three

A series of interviews which focuses on the relationship between authors and publishers.

Andrew Keating interviews Elizabeth Ellen of Short Flight/Long Drive Books.

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The design for the cover graphic was provided by Cynthia Schatoff, a Baltimore-based graphic designer and musician who will be stepping into the role of Design Lead for Cobalt. Cynthia Schatoff received her Bachelor of Arts in Digital Illustration and Spanish from Towson University and currently works as a freelance web and graphic designer. She has created book cover designs for one of Baltimore’s largest financial publication firms, websites for award-winning artists, and patented designs for a leading power tool
company. Cynthia enjoys playing bass for Baltimore-based band Krieger and
has participated in the video game music community for several years.

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