Panika M.C. Dillon | if it was fate, we wanted it (series)

Hugh Behm-Steinberg | As Cloth

David Dodd Lee | North Carolina

Jen Karetnick | Why I never Took You to the Jersey Shore

Jen Karetnick | Fibonacci’s Angels at Surfing Goat Dairy

Allison Parker | Shiftwork

Allison Parker | Grieving Lover of the Weird Load


Dave K. | How to Adopt a Cat
Released from an asylum into a not-quite Victorian city, a man has to deal with anxiety, steam, and a very persistent cat.

Matt Wilkinson | Postcards from the River
A boy drowns; a brother mourns.

Caryn Coyle | The Stairs
A woman wrangles with guilt and relief while dealing with her aging father.

Kevin Jones | Safety
An airline passenger reflects on life, love, and loss.


Camille Dawn | Frenzy: A True Tale of Mobbing
Both sides of the coin: Being the newest hire and the newest “enemy” of your fellow coworkers.

Curtis Smith | The Dark Mirror
What does one really see when glancing into the mirror?

Ginna Howard | The Body
When the present has a lot to do with the past.

Michael Brantley | 610 Minges
Take a ride on the wilder side of ECU–the 610 Minges that is.

Jenean McBrearty | Battles and Beatlestones
The classic battle of two rock bands with an unlikely winner.


Brian Spears, poetry editor of The Rumpus, author of Witness in Exile.

The Publisher Series, Volume Two

A series of interviews which focuses on the relationship between authors and publishers.

Andrew Keating interviews Adam Robinson of Publishing Genius.


Visit Courtney Ay’s website. Courtney is the artist behind the Issue 4 cover graphic.

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