Composition #5, oil stick on paper, 45" x 70" by Heather Day


Mercedes Lawry | Stooping Under Rain

Jaime Warburton | Needle and Fray

Eva Heisler | Morning

Eva Heisler | Impersonation

Jesse Ko | The Leak

Jesse Ko | Her Feet and the Elevator Doors

Jesse Ko | Body / Fear

Rick Crabtree | First Descent

Christine Langill | For Marine Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller, Age 20


Roxane Gay | Something Sweet for Someone Good to Hold On To
A dancer looks for someone to keep her sweet.

Shauna Gilligan | The Illusion of Freedom
An Irish mother struggles with sending her young son off to school.

Aubrey Hirsch | Rachel Garrett
Time has gone sideways for a mother and starship captain.


Wilona Karimabadi | War and a Girl
The story of Karimabadi’s grandmother, and how she managed to survive life
during World War II.

Wayne Scheer | Off the Road
Scheer recounts a brief friendship that has left a long lasting impression.

Jim Krosschell | The Hardy Boys
How the Hardy Boys series started Krosschell’s lifelong pursuit of good

Julie Lakehomer | The Possibility of Salvation
Lakehomer recounts growing up in 1940’s America.


Ron Tanner, author of From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story

Melissa Broder, author of Meat Heart and When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother

The Publisher Series, Volume One

A new series of interviews which focuses on the relationship between authors and publishers.

Andrew Keating interviews Jason Cook of Ampersand Books.


The Work of Heather Day, featured artist for Issue Three

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  1. Jesse

    Very honored to be featured on this issue with all these great writers and their wonderful works.

  2. Christine Langill

    Thank you for including my poem in this great issue! I loved reading everyone else’s work.

  3. Pascal

    I have been following Jesse’s work for quite a while now, on his several blogs. I am deeply convinced that a true gifted artist is born and I want to congratulate your review for being able to give its talent a well-deserved recognition.
    Believe me all : you will hear about Jesse in the future.

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