"Tree in Beihai Park" Photograph by Yasya Polyakova

Gregg Mosson | Our Night and Pink Roses

Gregg Mosson | Game of Cards

Gregg Mosson | Open

Gregg Mosson | Ancient Echo

Maura Alia Badji | Late Valentine

Zackary Sholem Berger | Nathan’s Bar

Daniel Romo | IKEA series (3 parts)

Mary Stone Dockery | Spins and Shadows

Martin Willitts, Jr. | Earth-creator


Paul Lisicky | Bulldog
A bulldog tries to look out for his companion, a woman much
less stoic than he.

Christine Fadden | Twang
In the back of a guitar studio, Nick and his girlfriend talk
music, love, and vibrating strings.

Jenn Rossmann | I Cover the Rest
A young father watching a football game with his dad can’t decide what to do about the chaos of his marriage.


Beth Lefebvre | Facing the Bridge
Lefebvre conquers an unknown fear.

Alice Hunter | Mind the Gaps
Hunter struggles with the imminent loss of a family member.

William Henderson | Mylar
Henderson gets caught between two complex relationships in this search for happiness.

Hayley Hughes | Montreal
A chapter from Hughes’ travel memoir.


Rick Moody, author of Four Fingers of Death, and The Ice Storm

Patricia Smith, poet, author of Blood Dazzler

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  1. Happy to be included in the Winter 2011 issue with Patricia Smith, Rick Moody, and more!

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