'Metro' by Sophie Johnson (Oil on Canvas)


Brian Russell | Awash

Brian Russell | No One in Particular

Brian Russell | Romance of the Unfamiliar

Brian Russell | Preface

Georgia Kreiger | A Blue Daring

Georgia Kreiger | At the Ruins

John Abbott | Wintering

Steven Leyva | In Creole

Andrea Dickens | At the Clay Studio


Jen Michalski | Sweet Rotten
A young soldier comes back from Iraq and struggles with the feelings she has for her high school best friend.

Mandy Taggart | The Wild
Inspired and protected by a collage of wild animals, a hostage plans her escape from the man who abducted her years earlier.

Emily Kiernan | Tabula Rasa
Two years after the stroke that nearly killed her, a woman is trying to piece together what happened during the months of memory that the stroke erased.


James Claffey | Bolt the Door
James Claffey’s grandmother haunts him in this real life ghost story.

John FitzGerald | Humans Learn Beliefs
An essay from John FitzGerald’s book-in-progress, ‘The People of the Net,’ a series of essays about the effects of the internet on consciousness.


Nicola Griffith, author of The Blue Place

Jessica Anya Blau, author of Drinking Closer to Home