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FrontCover 250

by Dave Housley, BL Pawelek, Ben Tanzer and Tom Williams​

with a foreword by Greg Olear

fiction & poetry

A collection of flash fiction (Tanzer), bookend short stories (Williams), a novella (Housley), and poetry written from father to daughter (Pawelek), Four Fathers is a hard-hitting definitive work that seeks to uncover what it takes to be a parent. These subjects are not easy, and through these introspective fathers, often agonized by the daily tensions of care-taking, we come to appreciate our own experiences more fully, or, at least prepare ourselves for what may lie ahead.

June 2014



by Kate Wyer

a novel

We are pleased to announce the second book in the Cobalt Press catalog: Kate Wyer’s novella Black Krim.

Wyer, who lives and writes in the Baltimore area, attended Goucher College, where she received the Elizabeth Woodworth Reese Prize from Madison Smartt Bell, and earned her MFA from University of Baltimore. She also won the Women Writing About Women contest sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. Wyer’s work can be found in The Collagist, PANK, Keyhole, Wigleaf, decomP, and elsewhere. In addition to her writing, Wyer is the manager of a non-profit within the public mental health system.

About Black Krim: When Corbina finds a man standing barefoot in a field across from her farmhouse, she makes a choice that will challenge every part of her lifestyle. Black Krim follows three characters, in alternating first-person narratives, as they uncover each other’s motives and desires, as well as their own.

An excerpt from this novella first appeared in Unsaid Vol. 6 and earned Wyer the Joan Scott Memorial Award in addition to a Pushcart nomination.

December 2014

(Note: Image does not represent the actual, currently-undesigned, cover of the book.)


JT Typographic cover full drop.indd

by Jonathan Travelstead


Winner of the 2013 Cobalt Poetry Prize for his poem “Trucker,” Jonathan Travelstead has compiled an astounding collection of adrenalized poetry. How We Bury Our Dead is a narrative work which follows a single speaker as he jumps from one intense situation to the next in order to avoid his mother’s struggle with cancer. An Air Force firefighter, he volunteers to accompany his unit to Kuwait, and, after returning and still unable to cope, he hitchhikes his way across Alaska before finally going home.

Travelstead served as a firefighter in the Air Force National Guard for six years and now works as a firefighter for the city of Murphysboro, Illinois. Having finished his MFA at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, he now spends his time working on an old dirt bike he hopes will one day get him to the Salt Flats of Bolivia.

March 2015



by Brian Oliu

with Player 2 essays by Jason McCall, Steve Kowalski, Tyler Gobble, Sal Pane, Barry Grass, Tessa Fontaine, Tasha Coryell, Connor O’Neill, Abbas Abidi, xTx, Nate Harris, Meghan Tear Plummer, Colin Rafferty


In this always-on-fire collection of essays on the classic 2-on-2 video game NBA Jam, Brian Oliu and 13 Player 2 contributors offer essays that explore the purest love and hatred for the game of basketball. While Oliu tells of his continuous battle with identity—particularly due to the overwhelmingly large shadow of his father’s basketball abilities, as well as Brian’s own seemingly larger-than-life size as a child—Player 2 authors provide an eclectic balance of comic and tragic stories about the teams that represent them.

June 2015


Front-Cover-Teaser copy

by Heather Bell


We are entirely enthused to announce A Horse Made of Fire, Heather Bell’s heartbreaking and poignant collection of poetry about the traumas of motherhood, will be the fifth book published by Cobalt Press. This collection will stick to your ribs. It might just break you.

Heather Bell, whose poem “These Are the Casualties” appeared in Cobalt‘s eighth issue and second print volume, lives in Oswego, NY, where she writes and mothers two small warriors. Her work has been nominated for the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Pushcart Prizes, and has appeared in RattlePoetry/ArtistsRed Fez, and many other publications. Bell graduated from SUNY Oswego and has since learned to make her own beer, which is mildly relevant.

Read a poem from A Horse Made of Fire on the book’s pre-order page.


Hillard Cover for IS copy

by Donora Hillard

with illustrations by Goodloe Byron

poetry and illustrations

This collection of poetry and illustrations is inspired by all that is Jeff Bridges and the iconic roles he has played on the big screen. Equally haunting, heartfelt, and humorous, Jeff Bridges serves as a book of meditation for any lover of film and poetry.

One of Hillard’s Jeff Bridges poems appeared in a Cobalt Review interview in 2013. She is the author of several collections, including Parapherna (2006), Exhibition (2008), Theology of the Body (2010), Covenant (2012), and The Aphasia Poems (2014).



by James Tadd Adcox

a novel

Description coming soon. Image does not represent cover design.

September 2016



by Jonathan Travelstead



Conflict Tours is Jonathan Travelstead’s second book, arriving two years after his debut, How We Bury Our Dead (Cobalt Press, 2015).

Release Date: March 10