Cobalt was founded in Baltimore, MD, in the summer of 2011 by Andrew Keating with the help of Jill Williams, Rafe Posey and Samantha Stanco. Since then, and with some changes and expansions in staff, we have published twelve online quarterly issues, two print annuals and two special baseball editions in July of 2013 and 2014. Our first book, Four Fathers, was released on June 1st, and we are currently hosting our third round of Cobalt Writing Prizes in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction

Our staff is currently reading fiction and creative nonfiction manuscripts for the final slot in our 2014-2015 catalog. Submissions are temporarily closed, until we have reviewed all manuscripts we have already received.

We intend to publish between two and four books, by different authors, in a variety of forms (fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction) each year. However, we have not developed an specific overall aesthetic for the books we produce. So it will be up to our submitters to help us define that aesthetic. Send us manuscripts that you think we’re going to love. Every project will be a heart and soul process. Force us to get so invested in your characters that they appear in our dreams for days. Above all else, whether you’re sending us poetry, fiction, essays, or some awesome hybrid–make us feel.