Congratulations to Elisabeth Murawski, Winner of Gabriela Mistral Poetry Prize

I am thrilled to announce Elisabeth Murawski as the winner of the Gabriela Mistral Poetry Prize! Her poem, “Housesitting: Garden and Cat” was selected earlier this week by poetry editors Donora Hillard-Hare and Jonathan Travelstead. Elisabeth’s poem “Poem for Charlie” was also selected as a finalist and will appear in the Volume 4 print issue.

Here are the rest of the finalists. We’re honored to include them in the upcoming print issue!

  • “Desire as Lasso” by Andrea Beltran
  • “All Saints’ Day” by Eva Olsgard
  • “What Kind of Shine” by Alexandra Smyth
  • “What My Father Gives Me” by Phuong Vuong

Watch for more contest announcements over the next couple days!


Andrew Keating
Publisher, Cobalt Press

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