Gabriela Mistral Poetry Prize Finalists

We are pleased to announce the poems selected as “finalists” for the 2015 Gabriela Mistral Poetry Prize. Following the departure of Ruben Quesada, the selections were made by new Cobalt poetry editors Donora Hillard-Hare and Jonathan Travelstead. We thank you for your patience as we worked hard to ensure that each of the many submissions we received was evaluated fairly under the new leadership.

A winner from the following group of finalists will be announced later this week. Each of these poems will be included in our upcoming Volume 4 print issue.

  • “Desire as Lasso” by Andrea Beltran
  • “Poem for Charlie” by Elisabeth Murawski
  • “Housesitting: Garden and Cat” by Elisabeth Murawski
  • “All Saints’ Day” by Eva Olsgard
  • “What Kind of Shine” by Alexandra Smyth
  • “What My Father Gives Me” by Phuong Vuong

Our creative nonfiction finalists will be announced tomorrow!


Andrew Keating
Publisher, Cobalt Press

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