Cobalt Welcomes New Poetry Editors

Following the departure of the great Ruben Quesada, who joined Queen Mob’s Tea House, it is with great pleasure that I report the arrival of Jonathan Travelstead and Donora Hillard-Hare to the Cobalt Review editorial team.

Travelstead and Hillard-Hare have worked closely with Cobalt Press for the past couple of years. Travelstead won the second annual poetry prize and later published his first collection, How We Bury Our Dead, with Cobalt Press in 2015. Hillard-Hare was featured in a Cobalt Review interview during the spring of 2013 and her collection of Jeff Bridges-inspired poetry will be released by Cobalt Press in late April.

The kick-ass poetry duo will work semi-autonomously as they build future online poetry issues and content for the annual print issues. While some decision-making will be a joint effort, each editor will create submission guidelines to his/her editorial style. Those guidelines will be made available on the Cobalt submittable page very soon.

Cobalt is also happy to welcome Sara Henke to the team as a general staffer.

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