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From the 2014 Baseball Issue

  • At home, thirty blocks south, we baked scones to the tattoo of the kettle and the drone of Mel Allen’s loamy Going, going, gone.

    Liz Dolan
  • He is joined by Tommy Heinsohn, and after the obligatory debate over whether Miller Lite tastes great or is less filling (and Ueck, who’s been waiting his whole life for this comet, doesn’t want to be bloated for its arrival), Heinsohn asks for a beer.

    Garret J. Brown
  • The dust of the softball field, the smell of leather gloves, and the salt of cracking sunflower seeds once meant imagining away the outcast at school and the desperate peacemaker at home.

    Nikki Thompson
  • I opened the small, folded, lined sheet. I read the spidery, jagged cursive: No way Babe would’ve said good night at the elevators.

    Alethea Gerding

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    In the Time of Hog Death and Rogue Masculinities There once were some hogs, a horse, a little well with some water. The hogs wanting hunger satisfied, or knowing rage, chased the mare, the […]

  • Timmy Reed Reviews Kimball’s GALAGA

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