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From the Winter 2014 Issue

  • The soldiers have already said goodbye to their limbs. / Men with skin darker than the absence around stars / have retired their chessboards and stories and ancestors.

    John Sibley Williams
  • Free of imperfections, a circle is perpetually, / habitually flawless.

    Tennae Maki
  • …one linear chant into a polyphonic / weave often symbolic. They were trying / their own serene insurrection.

    Cara Chamberlain
  • note the simple, repeating dashes / painted a cold as fuck yellow…

    Joseph Rios
JT Typographic cover full drop.indd


Summer Books!

Brian Oliu’s ENTER YOUR INITIALS FOR RECORD KEEPING and Heather Bell’s A HORSE MADE OF FIRE blowing up the Cobaltiverse in summer 2015!


Publisher Andrew Keating moved to Montana this summer. We’re looking forward to working with Rocky Mountain College faculty and students.

Thumbnail Press

Cobalt’s first issue of Thumbnail Magazine (annual issue #6) was released in January.

Just Our Opinion, Man

Donora Hillard’s Jeff Bridges-inspired poetry will be paired with original Goodloe Byron illustrations in a book that’s sure to tie the room together.

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  • Meet the Publisher!

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In each issue, our editors, designers, and other staff bring unique voices and concepts to life. Each editor works independently, curating unique experiences of new poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.

Meet Them

 “One thing that I am becoming more and more excited about is the multitude of ways that Cobalt can demonstrate a commitment to the relationships with our authors. These are really good people, and fun people to work with. We care about the things that they care about.”

PUBLISHER ANDREW KEATING (Interview on 5/21/2014)